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How to mend a broken heart and get your life back- It is not very easy to keep our lives in order and get back on our feet when we just had our heart broken.  With the constant busy and competitive lives we try to manage often times the stress level is always up. In this fast paced rat race it is very important to set aside our emotions to take some time to mend and heal a broken heart ; it is a natural process just like when you experience an injury which needs medication and rest. 

We need ample time to recuperate and find healing. Of course nobody wants a relationship to end but it happens.We dream of loving and being loved in return yet the inevitable happens. This is the exact reason why the pain can tear you apart once the break up happens. You become isolated and this is when all the emotions that comes after love sets in like sadness, disappointments, and negative feelings. There is nothing more important than leading a life where you can wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and go through the challenges and work during the day, and smile again knowing you are able to mend your broken heart little by little. 


The question is…are you in such a situation right now?

If you find yourself saying yes, then do not feel alone. Family and friends will surely be there to offer a shoulder to cry on and give you wisdom on how to accept your break up. Most people would dip their finger in your cup and most of their advice will be solicited.

But remember what’s important, that the people who matter the most will always love you. They will help you mend your broken heart.

These Tips Will Help You On How To Mend A Broken Heart 

  • Mend your broken heart through friends

The world stops when you get out of a relationship and when both parties have decide to call it quits. No matter what you do, you end up being alone. It makes you realize that you are out on your own, back to being single. This creates a lull in your life and it is important to release your emotions. So let you fingers do the walking, start dialing the numbers of your friends. It’s okay to call a friend and ask them to help you out to get through this tough time. At least you now have time to catch up and bond with them.

  • Mend your broken heart through expressing your feelings

There is no express way on how to mend a broken heart but you must find ways to do so. One way to relive the pain is to express your emotions. Speak with a trusted ally and pour out your heart. Do not sulk but instead say it all out and just let those feelings emanate and resound your heart back to life. If you need to go on top of the mountain and just shout, do it. There’s no better way than to cry out and spill your heart aches to release yourself out of the rut.

  • Mend your broken heart by Painting the Town Red

Now that you are single and ready to mingle, it’s time to get out of your cave and explore the city. If you like solitude then head off to the mountains and breathe some fresh air. See the sights and wonders of another place. This will take off your mind from the “but” and “what if”

of not doing the things you haven’t tried before. Take up a sport or hobby; learn a craft or take up some cooking lessons do whatever pleases you. The bottom line is to keep yourself busy at all times.Better yet get a planner and map out your daily , weekly and monthly activities. 

  • Mend your broken heart through exercise

You get lethargic when you are hurting deep inside. You begin to feel lazy and have this “just don’t care attitude” at the back of your head. Well, DON’T! You need to step up and get out of that couch right now. Join a local gym or spin class, or even just walk along the park or neighborhood to get your blood circulated. A healthy body, mind and heart is the best cure you can have.


Easier said than done but slowly you will be able to find yourself moving towards the direction of healing. Finding yourself again and building your self-esteem realizing that life will go on even after this episode.


You will have more time for yourself, enjoy the freedom, explore and discover things you’ve never done before. And perhaps amidst the journey you will find love again.

For now take time to heal your broken heart  and nurse it back to health.








broken heart

How To Mend A Broken Heart

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broken heart


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